Learn to never have a „Bad Hairday“ again

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Online courses from Expertenklasse are designed and produced by real experts in Germany. 🇩🇪 Germany has a globally recognized craft training system and master hairdressers from Germany are known for their perfect expertise. Susann Bach – course giver of „Beautiful Hair Every Day“ – has been a master hairdresser for 20 years and has 6 employees in her very successful hair salon in Frankfurt am Main. She is always booked up for several months and new customers rarely get an appointment. You can learn here exclusively from her knowledge and know afterwards exactly how to care for your hair!

Learn 20 years of experience in just 3 hours!

The content of this online course is designed to take you as little time as possible to learn everything that is important for effective hair care and styling. We have poured the essence of 20 years of expert knowledge into 3 hours of video and a wonderful workbook. Faster and more effective than Expertenklasse, nowhere will you get your perfect hair that will make you look beautiful every day!

Your benefits

In this Expertenklasse online course you will learn everything from the beginning. You don’t have to be a professional, the course is also suitable for beginners.

  • You learn how to start and get the right mindset.
  • Never do wrong, bad things to your hair again.
  • Learn the essence of 20 years of knowledge and proof of work in super easy 3 hours
  • You do small, practical exercises and get to know your hair.
  • What equipment do I really need?
  • and much more.


All this is included

The online course in numbers, that’s what you get:

  • free 54-page professionally printed workbook, also available in bookstores (ISBN 978-3-9823419-0-3)
  • 15 high-quality video lessons, like from Hollywood
  • Feature length: over 3 hours of structured instruction on what’s really important
  • 1-to-1 help via email from hairdresser Susann Bach
  • support during use via phone and email

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The price

The regular price is 49,00 USD for the online course incl. printed workbook.

Appropriate Workbook

The online course comes with a printed workbook – the Expertenklasse Workbook. You will receive this high-quality workbook free of charge by mail. This allows you to work effectively with the online course and look up important things again.

Gutschein und Workbook von Kurs Täglich schöne Haare

About your instructor

Put an end to Bad Hair Days! Susann Bach is a hairdresser by passion, salon owner and knows all the tricks for daily beautiful hair. Wellness and beauty are in her blood. She has been in the profession for over 20 years, and has been training hairdressers and educating for 15 years. „My job is my absolute passion,“ she says. „I love helping people get better with their hair and giving them more satisfaction and self-confidence through a hairstyle that suits them.“ Susann proudly opened her own salon 12 years ago. Today, she employs several hairdressers and beauticians. Customers come from all over Germany and even from Switzerland.

How likely would you …

How likely would you buy an online course created by certified experts from Germany?

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How can I get access to the course?

You will have access to the course via this website. You can also open it on any other device like laptop, iPad or smartphone.

Why should I learn from German experts?

In Germany, there is the best professional training in crafts, supervised by the „Chamber of Crafts“ – original named the Handwerkskammer. Think of an elite guild that is trained for one purpose only: Perfection in the way to do hair! It is the most important instance to learn skills in a professional way and to gain a deep knowledge about the future work. In Germany, the crafts have a very high standard and a very good acceptance among the population. We call this: craftsmanship has golden soil.

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